IRAGO 2017 論文募集のお知らせ

The Irago Conference 2017 has been accepting abstracts from 1st August 2017. Topics covered in invited talks include polymeric nanoparticles for optoelectronic devices; materials for food science; piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials; carbon composites; Maglev and superconductors; “cyborg insect”; superfluid confinement in one- dimensional nanotubes; modern production of silk; micro-pH sensors; smart temperature gradients; bibliometric analysis of trends in materials science. The conference will be held at the Auditorium, University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan 1-2 November 2017.[Background and objective] The Irago Conference series offer a “360-degree outlook on critical scientific and technological challenges for a sustainable society”. Recent changes in global economics and industrial priorities, environmental and energy policies, food production and population movements have produced formidable challenges that must be addressed for sustaining life on earth. The objective of this conference is to provide an ‘interdisciplinary-platform’ to enhance mutual understanding between scientists, engineers, policy makers, and experts from a wide spectrum of pure and applied sciences in order to resolve the daunting global issues facing mankind. In particular, the organizers would like to encourage graduate school students to participate and talk directly with internationally renowned academics, industrialists, and opinion leaders for a firsthand view of the major issues facing scientists and engineers of the 21st century. Further information:
お知らせ  2017.09.12