The first neuroscience evidence of Team Flow as a Unique Brain State

A research team led by associate professor, Mohammad Shehata at Toyohashi University of Technology(Human brain information group), in cooperation with researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Tohoku University have found the brain waves and regions sensitive to team flow compared to non-engaging teamwork or a solo flow. This study is the world’s first attempt to study this psychological state objectively. These neural correlates not only can be used to understand and predict the team flow experience. The authors are working on utilizing the findings to monitor and predict team performance.


Mohammad Shehata, Miao Cheng, Angus Leung, Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Daw-An Wu, Chiahuei Tseng, Shigeki Nakauchi, and Shinsuke Shimojo (2021). Team flow is a unique brain state associated with enhanced information integration and inter-brain synchrony, eNeuro,



Research Publication  2021.10.12