The Institute was featured in “FINDERS

Our institute (IRES²) was introduced in “FINDERS”.
You can read the article from the following web magazine.

RITI was selected as a regional contribution center in the 5th J-Innovation HUB Regional Open Innovation Center Selection System. The article is worth reading from a variety of perspectives, including the latest sensor research and industry-academia collaboration at IRES², as well as the research and education on semiconductor technology in the clean room at the LSI fab (VBL1F). Please take this opportunity to read it.


 A world-class research center for next-generation semiconductor education, research, and prototyping that contributes to the local community while creating new value


*本研究所が「FINDERS」で紹介されました | IRES² 次世代半導体・センサ科学研究所 豊橋技術科学大学 (

News  2024.03.12