10/12/2023 Innovation Fair 2023 in Higashimikawa “New Challenges for Creating Regional Future

(This event has ended.) 

 Professor Kotaro Takayama of the Advanced Agri-Tech Field and Professor Yukihiro Matsumoto of the Safety and Security Technology Field will give lectures at the Innovation Fair 2023 in Higashimikawa “New Challenges for Creating Regional Futures”.

 We will provide an opportunity to find new possibilities to advance in the areas of society and business by demonstrating the power of innovation to solve regional issues.

There is no charge for the course, so please attend/participate.


Date : October 12, 2023 (Thursday) 12:50~16:30 (doors open 12:00)
Method: Held at the venue + held online
Venue :Honokuni Yokohama Performing Arts Center PLAT







<Special Lecture> 13:20-14:20
 Agritech Startups Contributing to the Advancement of Local Agriculture Professor Kotaro Takayama, Department of Mechanical Engineering
 Tech Metaverse and Embodied Internet Mitsuaki Kitazaki, Professor, Department of Information and Intelligence Engineering
 Basic Research for Utilization of Recycled Carbon Fibers in the Construction Field Professor Yukihiro Matsumoto, Next Generation Semiconductor and Sensor Science Laboratories
 Dreams and Future Created with Universities
 ~Supporting Japan’s Leading Solutions Academy Atsuyuki Okubo, Chairman of the Board, Toyo Metal Co.
 Industry-Academia-Government-Finance Collaboration Initiatives Vice President and Director of RAC Center Saburo Tanaka

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