Jit Sin High School students from Malaysia visited our LSI fab.

 On May 29 and June 2, 2023, a delegation from Jit Sin High School in Malaysia visited TUAT and toured our LSI fab.
Ms. Tan Wen En and Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, both in the second year of the Master’s course in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, guided the group through the semiconductor integrated circuit research facilities at the Institute.
 The visitors enjoyed an interesting look at the clean room, research, and other facilities.

                                    May 29th tour                       June 2 tour
*トゥン・フセイン・オン・マレーシア大学 他御一行様がLSI工場を見学されました | IRES² 次世代半導体・センサ科学研究所 豊橋技術科学大学 (tut.ac.jp)
News  2023.06.13