FY2022 EIIRIS Project Research Publication of Research Results

The research results of EIIRIS project research in FY2022 are now available.

Please visit the EIIRIS Project Research in FY2022 page.


IRES² project:
The IRES² project research utilizes the intellectual vitality of our university’s graduate school, which has graduate students and young researchers. In doing so, its aims are to promote original and creative research and development with an entrepreneurial mindset by cooperating with various researchers beyond the boundaries set by graduate school; promote the development of creative human resources with highly specialized vocational skills; and conduct research and development that leads to interdisciplinary research, industry-academia collaboration, and social contributions.

Main research themes:
1) Development and research of functionally integrated intelligent devices using LSI fab
2) Cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and development with a perspective toward the next generation
3) Research and development that utilizes IRES² research facilities and equipment
Those selected for the project research will have access to the following IRES² / VBL resources:

*2022年度 EIIRISプロジェクト研究 研究成果の公開について | IRES² 次世代半導体・センサ科学研究所 豊橋技術科学大学 (tut.ac.jp)

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