2023 Academic Year for Colleges of Technology Students: Experience the University of Technology! Introduction of themes related to the institute’s faculty members

 Toyohashi University of Technology offers practical training in the field of education and research for technical college students (4th and 5th year students in the main course) for the purpose of enhancing school education and stimulating students’ motivation to learn. In addition, in order to provide first-year majors with opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, the TUT Research Fellowship Internship Program will be implemented starting this year. Faculty members of the Institute for Next Generation Semiconductor and Sensor Science are also being recruited for the themes listed in the table below.

Would you like to experience research activities at our institute?

List of Accepted Themes by Next Generation Semiconductor and Sensor Science Laboratories Faculty


For details on application requirements and application process, please refer to the following.








*2023年度 高専生対象:技科大を体験しよう 研究所教員関連テーマのご紹介 | IRES² 次世代半導体・センサ科学研究所 豊橋技術科学大学 (tut.ac.jp)

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