2023/11/16 3rd NCU-TUT Joint Research Laboratory for Advanced Pharmaceutical Engineering

(Event has ended)

 The NUC-TUT Joint Laboratory for Advanced Pharmaceutical and Engineering Research promotes collaborative research in pharmaceutical and engineering between TUT and Nagoya City University. We are pleased to invite Dr. Seiichi Tsujimura of Nagoya City University as a lecturer for the 3rd Laboratory Research Meeting.

Date : Thursday, November 16, 2023 14:40~16:10
Venue :A114
Registration : Not required
Participation fee : Free



 Title: “Structural Changes in Receptive Fields of Human Large Cell Ganglion Cells with Increasing Stimulation of Melanopsin Cells
     Dr. Seiichi Tsujimura, Professor, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Arts and Engineering, Industrial Innovation Design


*2023/11/16 第3回NCU-TUT先端医薬工学共同研究ラボラトリー研究会 | IRES² 次世代半導体・センサ科学研究所 豊橋技術科学大学

Event  2023.10.27